Everyone nowadays is looking for ways to save money and you have come to the right place. There is absolutely no need for you to pay $80, $90 even $100/hr for TWO movers. In certain industries the bigger the company, the better price they can provide you. Well, in the moving industry it is different. We charge only $65/hr for two movers + a trip charge. That is an unbeatable rate among licensed and insured movers in the Chicago area !

We will provide you with the same high quality service, if not better, than our most expensive competitors. Low cost Chicago movers !


Our trucks are clean and well maintained. Our drivers undergo rigid hiring process that involves a background check, drug test, credit check and a clean driving record is a must. Same goes for our non-driver movers, with the exception for the driving record check. We also do random drug tests for all of our employees.


We are busy all year long, with summer being the busiest. So please, book ahead of time. Weekends and end of the month period is the busiest. We provide services 7 days a week during winter season. We don't work on Sundays from March-November. Cheap Chicago movers !


Two men $65/hr + trip charge.

Three men $100/hr + trip charge.

Four men $130/hr + trip charge.

For additional manpower and/or trucks the rates are higher. Certain days may have higher rates**

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